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NexusDelfix 2006

In NexusDelfix network environment you can design, carry out and report studies that follow the delfoi method. The concept consists of e.g. the following services: query service (with which you can create the questionnaires and guide the process), discussion forums (with which the queries are connected to the comments and discussions), content service (with the help of which you can create documents and give instruction to users), file service to control documents, publication channel for informing, and user administration, where you define the users and the user rights.

An operational environment is created for each user organisation. There you can carry out an unlimited amount of projects, i.e. delfoi researches. Also a specific metaenvironment has been created in the NexusDelfix-environment for the development community of delfoi method. All data will be saved on a database, which makes possible the exchange of experiences and cumulative co-learning.

The Delfoi method begins with a opinion poll whose focus will be the experts of the phenomenon that is examined. The opinions are not gathered just for analyses, but the information that is gained from the responses is circulated back to the respondents. On the second round they can then give reasons for their own choices and comment on other’s. This way develops the for delfoi method characteristic iteration, which usually recurs three times. On each round the experts have the opportunity to change and edit their responses. The manager who is in charge of the implementation of the research can likewise edit and change the original inquiry according to the way the information formation process is leading to in relation to the research goals. The experts reply and appear to each other anonymously. With anonymity we try to ensure the genuineness of the expert opinions and arguments. The aim is to leave the external interest- and authority correlations outside the process.

The functional services of NexusDelfix require a user name and a password given by the research organisation! The managers also need rights to create new projects, inquiries and operational environments. You can inquire about user rights and program licenses from Metodix ( spokeswoman Jenni Linturi. Hannu Linturi is in charge of the methods and if you have any suggestions for improvement, you can address him. Proposals for technical improvement and additional comments can be sent to Jari Lankinen.

Futunet is in charge of the method outlining and formation of developer community. It co-operates with Metodix, Internetix, Finland Futures Research Centre and Finland Futures Academy. Internetix answers for the implementation and maintenance of the network software.

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Jokaiselle projektilla on oma tiedotuskanavansa, jossa voi julkaista ajankohtaisia uutisia ja ohjata prosessin kulkua.
19.1.2005 00:00:00
Kullekin projektille on luota oma julkaisukavavansa, jossa voidaan tiedottaa tutkimuksen kulusta.
12.1.2005 00:00:00